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Spicy Black Bean Soup

A few weeks ago we were blessed with some nice warm weather here in California....65-70 degrees. Of course I got spoiled and of course, as I do every year, I thought the mild temps were here to stay. Just as fast as the mild weather came, it went away. In fact, last week we had… Continue reading Spicy Black Bean Soup

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Avocado Crema with Cilantro

  Hi everyone!  Well my husband listened to me and checked my Amazon wishlist for Christmas gift ideas.  On my list was Bobby Flay's new book, Bobby Flay Fit.   When it comes to cookbooks, I prefer hardback additions, not kindle.  I love to flip through the pages reading each recipe and also look at the pictures. … Continue reading Avocado Crema with Cilantro

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Hi everyone!  Happy New Year.  I hope this post on my blog finds you all enjoying the first day of 2018.  Since I indulged way too much between Thanksgiving and New Years, it's time to get back on track.  I love soup and the colder winter months always scream soup to me.  I'm always looking… Continue reading CHICKPEA, SWEET POTATO, LIME & COCONUT SOUP

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Sesame Rice Noodles – Yum Delicious

Over the summer I was at a Pot Luck Party. I saw that someone brought some rice noodles with veggies. It was so delicious and I kept on eating it; probably about 3 helpings worth.....Shhhh don’t tell anyone. 😄. I’ve periodically seen and bought rice noodles at the deli counter, but now I’m thinking how… Continue reading Sesame Rice Noodles – Yum Delicious

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Farro? What’s that?

Don't ask me how or why, but some how I came home from Whole Foods with farro. What is this grain and what am I going to do with it?  Well from the package front it says that farro is a good source of fiber.  Okay...that's good. More research...I found out that farro is an… Continue reading Farro? What’s that?