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English Muffin with Bruleed Banana and Peanut Butter

Bananas and peanut butter!  How can you go wrong?  What surprised me was how easy this is to make.  All you need is a banana, english muffin, peanut butter, and a little brown sugar.  This is supposed to be for breakfast, but I would eat it for a snack or even dessert!  I wish I… Continue reading English Muffin with Bruleed Banana and Peanut Butter

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Let’s Make Granola!

I love granola!  Whenever I have yogurt for breakfast I sprinkle it with fresh blueberries and granola.  Sometimes I munch on it for a crunchy snack.  I have been buying organic granola for a while now and I thought it was about time to try and make my own.  It is so easy and really… Continue reading Let’s Make Granola!

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Gluten-Free Blueberry Banana Muffins

Nothing is more satisfying than the smell of homemade muffins wafting through the house.  Today I just needed that homey smell.  Yes!  These are gluten-free.  Although I don't have a diagnosed sensitivity to gluten, I definitely notice that I become sluggish and I feel like my brain is foggy when I eat too much gluten.… Continue reading Gluten-Free Blueberry Banana Muffins


Banana Pancakes – A Paleo Breakfast

Who knew these could be so delicious?  After taking all things gluten and grain off our menu, the challenge was:  What can I eat for breakfast?  There are many forms of this recipe out there, but I found this to be the best. Banana Pancakes - Serves 1 1 ripe banana 1 egg 1/4 teaspoon… Continue reading Banana Pancakes – A Paleo Breakfast