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My 2nd Sunshine Blogger Award

THE SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD I was thrilled to be nominated for a second award by Helen @helens_journey  I’ve only just begun to get acquainted with this phenomenal blogging community. This is a terrific way for bloggers to get to know one another better and to show support.  I started talking […]

Why I Write/Blog

As I was enjoying my Saturday morning cup of coffee and scrolling through my Facebook wall, I came across a blog post from WordPress called, “I Write Because…”    As I was reading what inspires other bloggers, it got me thinking why I write.  Why do I blog? Off and […]

The Sunshine Blogger Nomination

How surprised was I when I received a notification that I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award? I’m a fairly new blogger, so this was quite a big deal to me. Since getting involved with this community, the outpouring of support is amazing. I get to pay […]

Steven’s Grief

A Personal Reflection Steven…one of my favorite neighbors. One thing that draws me to this man is his smiling face and always positive attitude. He is a die hard Oakland Raiders fan and that sealed the deal on our neighborly friendship. I usually see Steven whenever I walk […]

Fixated on Sunsets

I just love sunsets. They are totally original and can never be recreated as they are all one of a kind. Definition: Sunset or sundown is the daily disappearance of the Sun below the horizon as a result of Earth’s rotation. Sunsets can be mesmerizing. Why are they […]

The Gift of Life

Today I woke up to a crisp autumn morning (53 degrees in California). Bailey and I went for our walk on the green belt in our neighborhood. I live in the foothills of Mt Diablo and I get to stare at this mountain everyday when I walk. Most […]